Orthotics-Spinal/Pelvic Stabilizers

Orthotics-Spinal/Pelvic Stabilizers

After exhaustive investigation for his own feet Dr Andrew decided that Footlevellers was the best company with the most advanced, research based, information available. That’s why we are happy to support and endorse their products.

All our stabilizers are custom made for each individual. Your data is gathered via a computerized scan and sent via the internet to the USA, where your stabilizers are created by laboratory technicians.

These stabilizers are designed to be easy-wear, comfortable and improve not only foot, leg and knee function, but brain function too. The cerebellum is the base of the brain and deals with co-ordination and balance information for the body. This area is stimulated by wearing Footlevelers. Many sportsmen and women find significant performance enhancement and reductions in injury rates whilst wearing Footlevelers.

If you’ve had previous orthotic devices that have been stiff or painful to wear then Footlevelers may be the solution for you.

They suppotrt all three arches of the foot instaed of the usual single arch approach. this makes them more effective and less likely to move a problem from one area to another.

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