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Types of Care


Dr. Andrew from Fairlight Chiropractic uses a variety of techniques to correct the function of patient’s spines and nervous systems. These range from a very specific and gentle type of manipulation called an adjustment, to muscle balancing reflex work and specific stretches or exercises.

Each person is assessed for the techniques that best suit the condition and age of their spine. In this way even babies or elderly patients can receive spinal corrections (adjustments), with safe and effective results.

Primary Care (Relief care)


Most patients consult a chiropractor because they have an ache or pain.

In the Primary care phase our objective is to reduce or eliminate your discomfort and stabilise the function of your spine and nervous system in the shortest amount of time.

During this phase, progress is usually rapid and is often assisted by the use of ice or other techniques to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

The number of times you visit a chiropractor during this phase of chiropractic care varies and depends upon your specific condition. It’s difficult to say how long it will be until you see relief it could be as short as a week or up to a month.

If you are not responding to chiropractic care during this phase, you may be referred to another health-care provider or for advanced investigations.

Once your discomfort has subsided, you may think all is well and choose to abandon your efforts. However, if you end your chiropractic care before fully healing the muscles and soft tissues, you can invite a relapse. This is a mistake many people make, and it sets them up for recurring health issues.

Corrective Care (Rehabilitative Care)


Once your condition has stabilized, you move into corrective or rehabilitative chiropractic care.

The objective here is to correct any underlying function changes that may have been the cause of your injury or discomfort.

At this time we also work through the following:

  • Address and strengthen muscles,
  • Address and strengthen spinal shapes and curves, and
  • Improve neuromusculoskeletal function.

The frequency of office visits is reduced compared to primary care. Care may be supplemented by rehabilitation exercises, nutrition, and modification of daily habits.

It is important to remember that most of the conditions for which people seek chiropractic care have developed over many years; therefore, correcting these problems is a true rehabilitative process. It helps to understand that it takes time to correct these conditions.

Wellness Care


Graduation to the Wellness phase of care enables you to maximise your health for the long term.

Having invested the time and effort for a return to health and happiness, our focus here is on correcting the small issues arising from daily life and prevent the return of earlier conditions.

A personal wellness acre program will be designed specifically for and may cover any aspect of your lifestyle. There is also the opportunity to engage in our Vision for Vitality program to set higher goals for your health and get the most out of life.

Research suggests that even in wellness care people still see advances in their health and wellbeing, even when they already feel well. Few things as complicated as your body can be “fixed” and then ignored. Think of your car, your teeth, or your relationships. They take time and effort to maintain, but you know it’s worth it in the long run. That’s why we recommend a regular schedule of chiropractic check-ups.

You can then congratulate yourself on achieving your ultimate goal: optimal health.

What is Crisis Care?

Crisis care is sometimes know as patch-up care. This is the process of doing Primary care for relief and stabilization of pain and discomfort only to cease care before correction of the underlying function changes. So the person starts to feel better but has not solved the cause of their problem.

This is a choice that some make dependant on their circumstances. The greatest challenge with Crisis care is that before long the person goes from feeling good to not feeling so good. That means a return to primary care for another patch on the problem. In the short term this can be useful but it does leave a person open to the problem taking longer to get feeling better each episode and underlying degenerative changes in the interim.

What is Maintenance Care?

This is a phase of care that positions a person somewhere between primary and wellness care. (See Primary Care). It is primarily focussed on maintaining person free of symptoms and does not take into account their function as a measure of health and vitality. Often the terms maintenance care and wellness care are used synonymously , however, there is a big difference.

Maintenance care can have you feeling good whilst underlying issues continue to deteriorate. Eventually this can produce a return of the symptoms along with reduced function. It’s is possible for a spine and nervous system to decay or degenerate even when the body feels good.

That’s why we make corrective and wellness care.

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