I’ve always pondered the case of the results of anything being related to who is employed to do the job.

Take the case of building a bridge over a creek. If you employ a plumber to do the job, it’s likely you will end up with a bridge and handrails made of pipes. The outcome is achieved using the techniques, tools and materials at their disposal. So too if you ask an electrician to make your bridge. It’s very likely to be made of cables and wires. Ask a carpenter and you get a wooden bridge. You get the idea.

But what happens in our current health care approach?

Ground-breaking research published in Spine Journal of 2013
was eye-opening to almost every medical doctor or healthcare
provider that saw it. The study showed that approximately 43%
of workers who saw a surgeon as their first point of contact had
surgery within 3 years. In contrast, of those who saw a
Chiropractor first, only 1.5% ended up in surgery.
Here are some facts of the study:

“Approximately 43% of workers who saw a surgeon first had

surgery within 3 years, in contrast to only 1.5% of those who saw a chiropractor first.”

“There was a very strong association between surgery and first provider seen for the injury, even after correction for other important variables.” [such as symptom severity]

Seeing a chiropractor as the first provider for a back complaint significantly reduced odds of surgery.

xrayThe reduction of back surgeries in those consulting chiropractors for spinal pain or function problems represents a substantial cost savings and is proven to deliver the highest quality of care and success approval ratings. Unfortunately, most of the public is not aware of the research and statistics, and therefore may end up with a high risk of surgery when presenting to a medical doctor or surgeon with spinal pain or function complaints.So if you have been told that you need surgery remember to get a second opinion. Perhaps from a practitioner who uses different tools to solve the problem.

The value and purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is not to treat any sort of ache, pain, ailment, or condition. The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to remove interference in the nervous system so the brain and body can function without compromise. A great benefit of a healthy spine is healthy brain to body communication. This is the main reason why the benefits of a Chiropractic adjustment, as determined by the best science and research of today, go far beyond just pain relief. Chiropractors are determined to help the public understand cutting-edge research like this so they too can experience the health-changing benefits of Chiropractic care.

Keeney BJ, Fulton-Kehoe D, Turner JA, Thomas M. Wickizer TM, Chan KC, Franklin GM; Early
Predictors of Lumbar Spine Surgery after Occupational Back Injury: Results from a Prospective
Study of Workers in Washington State; Spine; May 15, 2013; Vol. 38; No. 11; pp. 953-964.


Dr. Andrew Iggo is in private practice in Sydney, Australia. Working from state of the art premises in Fairlight, his focus is on providing not only relief from pain, but correction of function and the provision of wellness care for families and individuals. With a young family of his own comes a natural inclination toward the care of kids and Mums-to-be. A strong sports and dance background also give him a unique perspective on performance enhancement and injury recovery. We are sure you’ll be in great hands.