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Welcome to Fairlight Chiropractic. Our aim is to provide you with the best and fastest possible long term results from your care in the office. To achieve this we maintain a well researched and detailed process of assessment, education and care. Below is an outline of the excellence you can expect when you decide to join us in improving your health and happiness.

VISIT 1 – Comprehensive Chiropractic Examination

backWe use the latest technology to evaluate your spine and nervous system, including X-rays, Spinal EMG and Thermography as required. Our X-ray suite has one of the world’s best computerized systems and our techniques use 35-95% less x-rays than conventional techniques. We complete postural, orthopaedic and neurological examinations as determined from gathering a full health history.

The best quality, accuracy and safety are our goals for you. Family Posture Evaluation – many spine related conditions have hereditary factors that are important. These problems may go unnoticed until serious conditions develop. You may be given a card to evaluate your family for spinal issues.

VISIT 2 – Solution Reportlaptop

Examination Results and First Adjustment

On this visit we will go through your examination results and let you know the status of your spine, nerves and health, and whether we can help you. If chiropractic can help you, you will receive your first adjustment. The fee for the adjustment is $64.00. Bring your Family Posture Evaluation card on this visit.

VISIT 3 – Solution Reportchairbed

Review of your Response to Adjustment and Develop a Plan for Correction

After we have seen how you have responded to your first adjustment, we will create a plan to correct your problem and restore you to optimum health. For best results, it is recommended your partner/spouse attend this visit, as it is important for him or her to be able to understand your condition and how we are correcting it.

Office policies and educational requirements will be reviewed at this time. Work certificates can be issued for you and your partner if required and our services are claimable with health funds depending on your level of cover.

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