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May 23rd-29th

Spinal Health Week– previously referred to as Chiropractic care week. This event is an initiative from the Chiropractor Association of Australia, to boost community knowledge of the importance of spine and nervous system care.

Stay tuned for special events, spinal health check-ups and workshops on boosting your body. See our blog on the topic.


KIDS and CHIROPRACTIC? Why would a child need to see a Chiropractor. Growing spines, nerve and brain development and co-ordination? These are all important aspects of healthy happy families. Imagine raising a child that never needs drugs or days off school. That’s what we often see happens when a spine and nervous system is working at 100%.

June is also international Scoliosis awareness month.

Latest Scoliosis research shows:

  • Early detection leads to better outcomes
  • Specialised scoliosis bracing can prevent the need for surgery in most cases.

Chiropractors are well placed to recognise early indicators of scoliosis.

September 18thHappy Birthday Chiropractic

Chiropractic’s 121st Birthday. We are lucky as a profession that has a clearly defined beginning time. The first adjustment was given in 1895.

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