• Chiropractors first to x-ray the spine
  • Long tradition of minimising exposure
  • Latest digital technology

Did you know that Chiropractors were the pioneers of x-raying the spine?


In the early decades of the twentieth century BJ Palmer worked at the Palmer school of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa with an intense focus on developing the field of spinal x-rays.

In 1895 the first Chiropractic adjustment was delivered and it was this year that Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays. In 1910 Palmer introduced x-rays to the Palmer college of Chiropractic and became the first person to use these on the spine for diagnostic purposes. These original images were produced on a glass plate. (Imagine the storage issues!)

In our office we use an HCMI high frequency generator and Kodak digital processing equipment to ensure the highest quality images at the lowest possible exposures. We also use long distances between the x-ray tube and the patient to reduce distortion of images and maximise beam quality.

Just like your photos at home, we can store, enhance and manipulate these images in lots of ways never imagined a few years ago.