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Middle ear infection (otitis media) is the most common first diagnosis in visits to US doctors for children under the age of 15 years. There is little to suggest that it is any different here in Australia. Two thirds of these children will have had at least one infection by age 3. Almost half of them will have had repeated episodes. 1

Frequently we get children arriving in the office with a distressed parent concerned about the child’s ability to fly for an upcoming holiday. This usually means a fast effective ear infection treatment is required.

Symptoms of an ear infection may include pain (poorly localised in children), and altered hearing with either temporary reductions, or deafness. Remember symptoms are the things you feel or experience and signs are the things you see from the outside.

Signs of ear infection are redness, tugging at the ear and temperature. Not all of these will be present in all cases.

Treating the symptoms of ear infections with antibiotics has proven to be ineffective and can actually increase the risk of recurrence2.

So what sort of treatment for ear infections can you chose?

A 1996 study demonstrated that 93% of all episodes of otitis media treated with Chiropractic care improve. Most of these are within 10 days and 43% with only one or two adjustments. The study’s data indicated that limitation of medical intervention and the addition of Chiropractic care may be a great way to decrease the symptoms of ear infections in children3.

In 1989 van Breda and van Breda conducted a study looking at the rates of ear infections in 200 paediatricians kids and 200 Chiropractors kids4. That result were surprising and showed some interesting outcomes of raising children using different health models.

The “Chiropractic” children demonstrated a 69% middle ear infection free response while the “medical” children only had a 20% middle ear infection free response.

How does it work?

The mechanism proposed centres around the nerve supply to the tubes that drain the ears(Eustachian tubes). Nerve irritation from the upper part of the spine causes poor messages that create spasm in the Eustachian tube and poor fluid drainage. (See diagram). Fluid build up provides the ideal environment for bacterial growth and so the infection develops.


Gentle Chiropractic adjustments relieve that nerve irritation and allow the Eustachian tubes to relax, open and drain the fluid from the ears. No fluid, no bacteria and the body’s immune response does the rest. Such a simple solution to a nightmare problem.

See the video link for some of the growing number of television news reports on the issue.

Make ear infections a thing of the past, save your child from grommets and improve your sleep. Have your child checked by a Chiropractor today.

 Dr. Andrew Iggo is in private practice in Sydney, Australia. Working from state of the art premises in Fairlight, his focus is on providing not only relief from pain, but correction of function and the provision of wellness care for families and individuals. With a young family of his own comes an natural inclination toward the care of kids and Mums-to-be. A strong sports and dance background also give him a unique perspective on performance enhancement an injury recovery. We are sure you’ll be in great hands.

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