In-House Services

We have a wide range of professional in-house services available.

These services include:

Digital X-ray

Simple easy and convenient. no need to make further appointments, and the most up to date way to reduce exposure to x-rays.

World Class Chiropractic Care

This is  our mainstay focus. Giving your body the best chance to function, heal and repair the way nature intended.

EMG and Thermal Scanning (Subluxation Station)

Helping us to find the cause of your health concerns and to monitor your progress. As you get better and better, our Space-age technology painlessly tests and measures your nerve function.

Orthotic and Foot Function Scanning

We have the Footlevelers spinal/pelvic stabilizers scanner. This is so we can correct your posture, function and co-ordination from the ground up. For many, this is an excellent way to reduce injury risk associated with fallen arches and poor foot biomechanics.

Other Events that we create in-house are:

  • Workshops and Seminars,
  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching Programs
  • Ergonomic Education.
  • Our regular seminar series called “Well-being for All”.