Well, I’ve decided to update and add to the blogs. Why? Because I want you to have a better life. It’s that simple.

This time the plan is to write a weekly one with info from the deep recesses of my mind. That means no more hours of research on terms, keywords and conditions. The plus is that you get to benefit from my 25 years experience in practical wellness boosting and hopefully on a more regular basis. So what’s on my mind today?

Well it’s National Spinal Health Week. It should really be National Nervous System Health Week as that would be a better way to describe what I do. (By the way my reward for this blog is getting to sit at Manly skiff club for an hour gazing out over the harbour. Even when it’s cold and wet it’s a real live first world problem.)


Back to Nervous System Health Week. Why Nervous System? Let’s consider for a moment how you experience your life, your existence and your very being. Everything you do, say, feel, or think is a product of your brain and nervous system. It is the link between your essence of life or your spirit or soul and the “tangible” world. I put the quotation marks around tangible because it’s only so tangible as that which you can perceive through your nervous system.

So Chiropractic is about maximising your life experience by maximising your Nervous System function. So often we get pigeonholed into neck pain back pain and headaches. The great thing is that I get to see so much more in practice. The child with uncontrolled epilepsy that now needs no meds and has no seizures, the lady with crippling anxiety that can now lead a normal life or the golfer who can now play a round with energy, comfort and the best scores in years.

Your brain and nervous system are almost certainly the most neglected part of your health. Taken for granted until catastrophe strikes.

Boost your experience of life by looking after the lifeline that houses and protects your nervous system and your experience of life- look after your spine. Move it more- it was designed to move.

Think about your nearest living genetic relative. No not your brother, sister or parents. I’m thinking about in the animal kingdom. No, not your brother or sister again. The Chimpanzee! Cancer, heart disease and depression are virtually unknown in wild populations. But what happens when we restrict their movement, increase their stress and house them in zoos? They develop a similar levels of cancer, heart disease and depression as we see in the Western world. What does that mean for you?

  • Move more with variety.
  • Eat raw fruit and vege and a little bit of meat
  • Keep your brain active
  • Take proactive steps to reduce your negative stress.

Start monkeying around- Your body will love you for it!

Well that’s the first brain download from me, I hope it gives a few clues to boosting your brain. Stay tuned for more, bigger and better.

Yours in Wellbeing for All.

Dr Andrew IggoDr. Andrew Iggo is in private practice in Sydney, Australia. Working from state of the art premises in Fairlight, his focus is on providing not only relief from pain, but correction of function and the provision of wellness care for families and individuals. With a young family of his own comes an natural inclination toward the care of kids and Mums-to-be. A strong sports and dance background also give him a unique perspective on performance enhancement an injury recovery. We are sure you’ll be in great hands.

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