May 23rd to 29th Spinal Health Week

Back Your Inner Athlete   This year, Spinal Health Week 2016 runs from 23 to 29 May with the theme ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’. Every day more and more Australians experience disabling low back pain, neck pain and headaches, limiting their ability to work and engage in...

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Experience a Better Life

Well, I've decided to update and add to the blogs. Why? Because I want you to have a better life. It's that simple. This time the plan is to write a weekly one with info from the deep recesses of my mind. That means no more hours of research on terms, keywords and...

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Middle Ear Infections A Thing Of The Past?

Love to find a solution for Kids ear infections? Signs and  Symptoms of ear infection. Antibiotics can make it worse! Reduce your risk of Grommet surgery. See the growing number of TV news reports. Middle ear infection (otitis media) is the most common first diagnosis...

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