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Chiropractic care

Over the decades, and in fact even from it’s inception, Chiropractic has been focussed on assisting the body to do it’s own healing and repairing. Chiropractic’s focus is not on treating specific diseases or conditions but on enhancing the in-built natural processes of repair and recovery. By targeting nervous system function we get to positively influence every cell tissue and organ in the body. To find out some of the conditions demonstrated to respond well to Chiropractic Click here.

What does a Chiropractor do?

Its always helpful to know what will happen when you embark on a new and exciting change in your life. We know that many people have reservations or have heard strange or inaccurate things about what Chiropractors actually do. That’s why we think its so important that you understand what we will be doing for you and how committed we are to boosting your health and wellness. So What happens on your first visit? Click here.

Chiropractic care

Improving your wellbeing is key. Not just for now but for your entire life. We want to guide you along your lifestyle choices for better quality of life as well as quantity. The benefits of caring for your spine and nervous are far wider than most people realise. Of course there is the reduction in pain, more relaxed muscles and feeling more mobile, but what about the lowered stress hormone, improved immune function, and sports performance enhancement? Find out more here


We have a wide range of professional services available right in our office. These include Digital X-ray, Chiropractic, Orthotic assessment and Scans, Workshops and Seminars, Health and Wellbeing Coaching Programs and Ergonomic Education. Each month we hold a seminar series called "Well-being for All".+


It’s important for you to know who you will be working with. Our enthusiastic team is here to help you. To view more info on Dr. Andrew, Keri, Jason and Amanda click here.

Allied Health Practitioners

John Barter Psychologist and Mindfulness based Psychologist

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